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If you're looking for something that will help protect your counters, you've come to the right place!  

Simply place the Counter Protector on your countertop, beneath the heat source, and it will start protecting your counters from countless heat sources! Whether you're using a countertop grill, crockpot, hot pan from the oven, Scandinavian lefse grill or just wanting to do a quick ironing job on your countertop, the Counter Protector is ready to start helping you protect your counters.

A rubber insert is included to help prevent the protector from sliding while under the grill. The Counter Protecter will help prevent heat from having direct contact with your counter top. 
"The Counter Protector is SO easy to use! I use it whenever I'm cooking something in the kitchen!"  
- Elenore, New York

Help protect your counters.
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"I truly wish I would have found this BEFORE I cracked my countertops!"  
- Laura, Minnesota